Bad Pieces of Dating Advice to Quit Now

Don’t get your hopes up.

Instead of being negative, I should actually be positive. Quit being a downer and negative! Stay positive, motivated, and ambitious. If the dating style gets old, boring or just plain bad, find inspiration.

 You have to research your date and partner, so you’re not blindsided.

You may think that you’re setting yourself up to not be shocked when you meet this person, or discover their unruly past, but in reality, you’re taking a lot of the magic of dating discovery out of your experience.

 Just join all of the dating apps, they’re all the same.

You should be strategic about the apps that you invest your energy, heart, and time into. Online dating can produce a relationship, but if you’re only swiping in an app that’s intent is based around casual encounters, you may be disappointed.

 Play hard to get.

Don’t play anything at all! Be yourself and be direct. Playing games don’t work in good relationships. You are likely to turn someone off rather than seem mysterious and alluring. If you value honesty and integrity, you need to act this way as well to attract someone with those qualities.

 If it’s not there on the first date, move on.

We all want to feel that spark right from the get-go, but sometimes, falling in love can take time and you may need more than just one round of drinks post-work to figure out if you have chemistry. A second chance is not a bad idea.