Questions To Ask Yourself Before Homeschooling Your Child

Thinking about homeschooling your kid? Before you decide, take a minute to check out this list of The Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before Homeschooling Your Child.

  • Can I still bust him for drugs if the weed I catch him with is mine?
  • Am I actually going to do the work, or just sit around all day watching “Star Wars” movies with them?
  • It’s basically just plopping them down in front of “Sesame Street” and day-drinking, right?
  • Is it more important to have a kid who wins the National Spelling Bee or one who can function smoothly in society?
  • To replicate the middle school experience, should I wear a shower cap and serve him brown slop at lunch?
  • All kids LOVE spending every waking second with their parents, instead of kids their own age, right?
  • Can I ignore the fact that the school principal can’t spell the word “principal”?
  • Kids never get restless or impatient when they’re cooped up inside all day, do they?
  • If I get hit by a spitball, am I 100% sure it was him?
  • Can I fit “study time” around “Judge Judy”?
  • How eager am I to be silently judged by every other parent I meet?
  • Is this the only way to make sure a teacher doesn’t have an affair with my child?
  • How much can I fake knowing?