First Date Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Her

Cooking Class

The cooking class first date requires a level of organization and time commitment. Firstly, you’ll need to find a class in your area that’s pitched at the right level for both of you, and you’ll also need to clear up any allergies or dietary requirements your date has at the outset.


Bowling is a good balance between a novel date idea and one that isn’t too difficult to pull off. It’s fun, kinda silly and provides opportunity for physical contact (“Here, let me help you!”) and laughing at each other’s form.

 Theme Park / Carnival

Fairs, festivals, and amusement parks are a notch above a dinner or bowling date in terms of intensity. The main increase in difficulty level is due to the increased time commitment and difficulty of bailing early: If you’ve committed to a theme park or carnival, you can’t exactly leave after an hour if the chemistry isn’t right.

 Picnic in a Park

Sure, the saying “a walk in the park” is used to connote a breezy, simple good time, but organizing a picnic in a park for a first date is a fairly sophisticated operation. You’ll need to prep the food ahead of time and this may involve some cooking too.

 Museum / Art Gallery

A date at a museum or art gallery is bound to score you “culture vulture” points, but you have to do some research for this one, which brings it up the difficulty ladder. You’ll need to look into which exhibitions are worth visiting and potentially read up a little bit about the artist or curator, too.