Stealing Food from Your Boyfriend’s Plate Means You Have a Good Relationship

In very exciting news, it’s been proven that you stealing food from your boyfriend’s plate means that you actually have the best, most solid relationship ever. Or something like that.

 A new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, has found that sharing food is actually a sign of affection, and nothing at all to do with being greedy.

 To find this out, the study studied the behavior of chimpanzees. They found that the act of sharing food releases oxytocin hormone levels, which in turn encourages bonding and co-operation between people who aren’t related, i.e. bae.

 The study explained:

 “Recent studies show that, in addition to humans, other social mammals form cooperative relationships between unrelated adults, which can last over months or years. Crucially, there is evidence that individuals who maintain such cooperative relationships have more offspring than those who do not. Long-lasting cooperative relationships have also been referred to as strong social bonds, which are characterized by high rates of cooperative behaviors, such as grooming and food sharing.”

 So next time your sneaky fingers threaten to cause an argument, send your loved one straight to this page. And then take your chips with pride.   

If science says it’s beneficial, who are we to argue?