Forever Media Radio Hosts Pitch in to Put Trash in its Place – October 24, 2017

Recycling is an important issue especially in the aftermath of a Penn State home football game. The Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority and Penn State have worked together to create a simple system for tailgaters – clear bags are for trash, blue bags (recycling bags) are only for bottles and cans. So, if it is not a bottle or can, it should go in the clear bag. Unfortunately, every Sunday following a home game, more and more trash ends up in the recycling bags.

Forever Media’s on-air personalities, Jeff Brown from 93.7 The Bus, Jeff “Iron Head” Byers  Newsradio 1390 WRSC and Jerry Valeri and Boss Frog from BIG Froggy 101 went out to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority to experience first-hand what it’s like separating all the recyclables from the trash. Each worked a different station on the line separating glass, aluminum, plastic and paper from a collection of non-recyclable trash. What was most impressive was the speed at which the staff of the CCRRA could do their job, picking out the recyclables and leaving the garbage almost faster than the eye could follow. Our guys did their best and received the ultimate compliment from the CCRRA Operations Supervisor, Delmer. “They did a really good job!”