Rules About Spoilers

A lot of big fall TV shows are coming back.  But not everyone watches them the day they air anymore.  Someone posted a list of a bunch of rules we should all be following when it comes to spoilers.  Here are the top six . . .

1.  Shut up for at least 24 hours after a show airs.  Give people at least a day to watch it before you start blabbing online.  And even after that, don’t mention any big twists.  If you HAVE to post something, put “SPOILER ALERT” at the top in all caps.

2.  For shows you can binge-watch, like “Stranger Things,” don’t expect to talk about the ending for at least 10 days.  Not everyone watches whole seasons in one night.

3.  When you talk about spoilers in public, use your inside voice.  Whether it’s a show or a movie, assume the people around you haven’t seen it.  That applies at the office too.

4.  Don’t be overly sensitive about vague statements that aren’t really spoilers.  Like if someone says it was a “crazy” episode, don’t act like they completely ruined it for you.

5.  Reality shows and game shows don’t count.  You’re kind of expected to watch things like “The Bachelor” and “The Voice”the night they air.  If you don’t, it’s on you.  And don’t get mad if someone accidentally spoils a really OLD show either, like “Friends”.

6.  Plan ahead for things you really care about.  You’re ultimately the one responsible for making sure no one spoils your favorite show for you.  So if it’s that important, clear your calendar, and make sure you have time to watch it the day it airs.