Married People on Their Wedding Guests’ Most Obnoxious Requests

1. “It was the handful of guests who couldn’t be bothered to retain the address and directions and needed to text me repeatedly instead of just using f-ing Google. I had more important things to do on my wedding day than answer texts about which exit to take.”

 2. “One of the bridesmaids brought her fiancé to the wedding, and wanted our photographer to do an impromptu engagement photo shoot. Photographer laughed in her face.”

 3. “Mother-in-law asked us if we could reschedule our wedding closer to step brother’s so she could come into town once for both. Our date had already been booked for a year.

 4. “My aunt expected us to delay the ceremony until my cousin arrived, since he had been at work. Uh no.”

 5. “My great aunt called my bride and asked her to come pick her up from the airport- four hours before the wedding. Taxis are a thing, Aunt Pearl!”

 6. “The mother of the bride wanted [to play] a game at the reception. The game was this: The bride sits blindfolded on a chair, while the groom and groomsmen circle around her. She then has to feel their junk and guess which one is the groom.”

 7. “We had a guest who said he did not need a plus one, so we didn’t plan one for him. When we received his RSVP he requested two meals, so we figured he was bringing a date, NBD. Nope, he actually wanted two for himself. At $150 a plate.”