Times You Can Skip the Gym and Not Feel Guilty

If you skip the gym EVERY day, this won’t apply. It’s for the people who HATE themselves when they miss a day. Here are five times you should skip your workout, and not feel guilty about it . . .

1. When you’re injured. Working out could make your injury worse, so it’s better to wait it out. And talk to your doctor if it doesn’t get better.

2. When you’re really sore. If you haven’t worked out in a while, you can end up sore for three or four days. If that’s the case, you might need to let your body recover. So go for a walk and stretch instead of working out again.

3. When you’re sick. Light exercise like a short jog can sometimes help you push through a minor cold. But it has to be LIGHT exercise. A full workout is really taxing on your body. So it’s better to stay home and get some sleep.

4. When you’re on vacation. If you WANT to spend your vacation working out, go for it. But you shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to skip it to devote more time to your loved ones.

The other option is to combine those goals, and look for a vacation activity that’s ALSO a workout, like hiking or paddle boarding.

5. When you’ve had a drink. Don’t go to happy hour after work and THEN hit the gym. Even just a drink or two can affect performance. And it dehydrates you, so you’re more likely to pull a muscle. (Business Insider)