Rejected Titles of the Han Solo Movie


  • Ha! Ha! You Said, “Han Solo”
  • Fast Times at Endor High”
  • The Marketing Department Strikes Back
  • Spacefellas”
  • The Phantom Rationale for Existing
  • Revenge of the Reboot
  • Chewie Bueller’s Day Off”
    Rebel Without a Blaster”
    Dude, Where’s My Millennium Falcon?”
  • At This Point, We’re Laughing at You
  • Walt Disney Company Shareholders Rejoice
  • Episode XV: The Home Office Cashes In
  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Vest”
  • A Prequel to Something Else
  • Jabba Unchained”
  • Are You Sick of This Yet?
  • Crouching Tauntaun, Hidden Ewok”
  • Bring Your Girlfriend-Just Kidding!