Possible Slogans for Arby’s Deer Sandwich

On Oct. 21, Arby’s will be selling venison burgers in all 3,300 restaurants across the country. The chain did this last year for nearly a month-long period in six states and some locations sold out within 15 minutes. But just in case they need a little help, I thought I’d offer a few slogans they can use to help move the meat.

  • Take a bite of Bambi!

  • You know, the stuff we do to cows is far worse

  • So fresh, you’ll be tempted to tie it to the roof of your car

  • Want fries with that carcass?

  • Ask about our possum nuggets!

  • You’ve seen it on the side of the road-now picture it in your stomach

  • Tastes like giant chicken

  • Do you realize how many cars these damn things damage?

  • Not as scary as our roast beef