Signs You Aren’t His Top Priority

He won’t put anything in his calendar

He absolutely wants the freedom to “forget” and make other plans. He really only plans on going to your thing if, when that day rolls around, he has nothing better to do (and he feels like it).

 He cancels for illegitimate reasons

He has canceled on you because he was hung over, tired, or lost track of time. Those aren’t real hindrances to hanging out. He could have controlled those things. He could have avoided drinking too much the night before he was supposed to see you.

 You always get last minute notice

He’s never called you and asked you to reserve a day that’s two weeks in the future, for him. And that’s because he only calls you when he notices that, by chance, he has some free time and nobody else to hang out with.

 He’s never on time

If your partner is never on time, that’s because he’s always trying to squeeze the last bit of time out of his other obligations, before seeing you. He’d rather shorten his time with you than shorten his time anywhere else.

 He socially multitasks

He always tries to invite other people to what was supposed to be a one-on-one occasion. He basically wants to receive credit for hanging out with you, but doesn’t want doing so to take away from his time with other people.