New(ish) Starter at Right Tackle for Penn State

By: Thomas Frank Carr
Beat Writer

Penn State enters exists it’s bye week amid a flurry of activity around the program that has cast a national spotlight on the 2nd ranked team in the nation. As for their on-the-field product, there will be yet another change at right tackle for this week.

Redshirt Freshman Will Fries will start at right tackle again for the Nittany Lions two games after he filled in for the presumably-injured Chasz Wright versus Indiana. Wright was back at tackle for the Nittany Lions’ road trip to Evanston two weeks ago, but split time with the freshman in that game as well.

It’s surprising given the fact that the Nittany Lions had last week off and would presumably come into the game with all their nicks and cuts as healed as they could possibly be. Fries will be starting against a tenacious Wolverines defense that boasts two of the top five sack leaders in the Big 10 and is tied for the lead in team sacks through six games.

James Franklin will likely address the situation on Tuesday during his weekly press conference at 12:30, which you can hear on ESPN Radio 1450.