Study: Women Make Better Surgeons Than Men

When choosing a surgeon you might look at the individual’s education, or their rating on ZocDoc, but it turns out their gender might make a difference in their performance. A new study, published in the journal BMJ, looked at all the people in Ontario, Canada who had operations between 2007 and 2015 as well as their surgeons. Even after taking into account more difficult cases, patients of female surgeons were four percent less likely to die, be readmitted or experience complications 30 days after their surgery compared to patients of male surgeons. This may be because surgery is a traditionally male profession, and female surgeons have likely had to overcome greater challenges to get into the operating room. Still, researcher Dr. Raj Satkunasivam says, “You should select a surgeon based on the rapport you have with him or her, what your family physician recommends, and the research you do. You should be equally confident with a male or female surgeon. (Time