10 Lies Women Tell on a First Date

She’ll Gloss over a Heartbreak. She may still be torn up over a breakup, but she’ll act as if it doesn’t really bother her still.

 She’ll Lie about Exercising. If she’s not as active as she “thinks” she should be, she may exaggerate to seem more fit and together.

 She’ll Say She’s Less Available Than She Is. Women know the fun is in the chase and you appear more desirable when you’re a little bit out of reach.

 She’ll Exaggerate a Vacation. She might say she went on an amazing vacation, but perhaps it was a really small getaway. This is only because she’d like to sound interesting to you.

 She Won’t Tell You About Her Messed Up Parents. You won’t find this out for some time, so it’s not a lie but a slow reveal.

 She’ll Lie About How Hungry She is. She’s either too nervous and lying to cover it or she ate before you went out so she wouldn’t go starving due to her nerves.

 She’ll Make Up a Reason to Bail. Sure, her friend “really” needs her help right now or her aunt is in the hospital . . . or she’s lying to cut the date short.

 Another Love Interest. Not a serious relationship, but if she’s talking to someone else, this isn’t going to come up on the date.

 She’ll Gloss over Major Trauma. If she just completed a year of recovery, lost a parent or lost her job, she’s going to avoid talking about it.