Eight Weird Things We Don’t Have Words for in English

According to the “Oxford English Dictionary” there are at least 171,000 words in the English language.  But we don’t have a word for everything.  Here are eight weird things other countries have words for, but we don’t . . .

1.  Utepils.  (OOH-ta-pilz)  It’s Norwegian for “outside beer.”  It’s when you have a drink while enjoying the outdoors.

2.  Sobremesa.  (so-bre-MAY-suh)  It’s a Spanish word that means “over the table.”  It’s when you sit and keep talking after dinner’s over.

3.  Engili.  (EN-guh-lee)  In parts of India, it’s a term for food that someone’s already taken a bite out of.

4.  Shemomedjamo.  (sheh-mo-meh-CHAHMO)  In the country of Georgia, it’s a word for when you’re full, but keep eating anyway.  They also have a much shorter way of saying “day after tomorrow.”  The word for it is “zeg.”

5.  Kummerspeck.  (KOOMER-shpeck)  It’s a German word that literally means “grief bacon.”  It’s when you overeat because you’re sad about something.

6.  Kalsarikännit.  (call-sar-ee-CAH-nit)  It’s Finnish.  It’s when you get drunk alone at home in your underwear, with no plans to go anywhere or do anything.

7.  Pelinti.  (pell-INTY)  In Ghana, it’s the word for when you bite into something really hot, and have to move it around in your mouth so it doesn’t burn you.

8.  Tartle.  It’s a Scottish word for when you want to introduce someone, but hesitate because you can’t remember their name.