Signs You Have A Bad Science Teacher

The Nobel Peace Prize winners in Chemistry and Physics most likely benefited from great teachers over the years. But many of us aren’t as lucky. Here are The Top Signs You Have a Bad Science Teacher.

  • To prove the law of gravity, he drops his pants.
  • He collects up all the dissected frogs at the end of the period because, “Them’s good eatin’.”
  • You attend Climate Change-is-a-Myth Elementary.
  • Sometimes he’s late to class because he has to change his route to school in order to avoid the chemtrails.
  • He thinks photosynthesis is something you take with a selfie stick.
  • His last homework assignment landed you on the federal government’s No Fly list.
  • During the lesson on human reproduction, he mostly just looks at his shoes, mumbles, and giggles nervously.
  • He demonstrates how to calculate velocity by whipping a bottle of gin against the blackboard.
  • He’s disappointed if lab partners don’t go to at least second base with each other.
  • He says oceanography is the study of the careers of Billy and Frank Ocean.
  • She thinks the periodic table of the elements should include aerosol cheese.
  • He once set off the fire alarm using a Bunsen burner to heat his breakfast burrito.
  • He says herbivore is another name for weed dealer.
  • He’s always using the “Eye Wash Station” to do his laundry.
  • He reminds you time travel is impossible. But if it WERE possible, he’d go back and do something other than waste his life teaching physics to mouth-breathing idiots.