Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Flu season is upon us. Here are five ways to make sure you don’t get sick . . .

1. Get a flu shot. Everyone 6 months old and older should get a flu shot. It’s especially important if you’re over 65, or if you live or work around children or the elderly.

2. Wash your hands. Washing your hands frequently with soap and hot water helps to kill germs. Hand sanitizers like Purell should only be used if soap and water aren’t available.

3. Stay home if you’re sick. If you feel like you’re coming down with the flu, stay home from work or school rather than risk getting other people sick.

4. Eat right. A good diet and a vitamin C supplement can help make your immune system stronger to ward off the flu.

5. Stay informed. Flu season is generally from October through May. And during that time, your state’s Department of Health typically posts weekly surveillance reports to monitor the severity of flu season. (Daily Gazette)