Unwritten Rules for Movie Theaters

Obviously you shouldn’t talk at full volume during a movie. And you should turn your phone off. But someone online posted a bunch of OTHER unwritten rules we should all start following at movie theaters. Here are the top five . . .

1. Don’t use your phone AT ALL. Don’t check your text messages or do anything that turns your screen on. The light is distracting for everyone sitting behind you.

2. Don’t bring a full dinner with you. If you want to sneak a few snacks in, fine. Just don’t pull out a five-course meal. Especially if it’s something with a strong odor.

3. Don’t hog the armrests. Act like you’re on an airplane. The same rules should apply, especially if you’re next to a stranger.

4. Don’t spoil parts of the movie while you’re in the lobby. Some people like to go in knowing nothing. So even just mentioning something from the trailer can be annoying.

And don’t spoil anything on your way OUT either. Someone might be walking in to see the same movie you just saw.

5. Don’t leave any trash behind. There’s ALWAYS a trashcan right outside the door. And when a bunch of people leave trash on the floor, the ushers don’t always have time to clean it all up before the next screening starts. (Thrillist)