Questions To Ask Yourself Before Picking A Halloween Costume

Have you decided on a Halloween costume yet? Well, before you do, take a second to check out this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Halloween Costume.

  • Would it be easier to not wear a costume and go as “Middle-Aged Despair?”
  • Since I technically use it all year, does my gimp outfit count as a costume?
  • If I get a big pile of poop costume, will everyone easily guess that I am going as the Cleveland Browns?
  • Should I take advantage of the recent acid spill on my face and go as Steve Bannon?
  • If I dress as Old Glory will it make guys dressed as NFL players kneel?
  • Which super obscure cult movie can I reference and then get mad when no one gets it?
  • Do I have enough Cheetos dust to pull off this Trump costume?
  • If I start abusing meth today, will I have a convincing enough zombie face by Halloween?
  • Does a Bill Cosby costume come with a bottle of roofies, or do I have to supply my own?
  • Will it be easy to clean puke off of?
  • Am I really dressing up again this year, or is it time to grow up?