The Biggest ‘First-World’ Problems Of 2017

We all have small issues in our day-to-day lives, and many people refer to them as “first-world problems.” A new study from Goldsmith University asked thousands of young adults in their 20s about these little problems, and then asked a number of people in their 50s what their biggest worries were twenty years ago. The differences between the answers were stark. Here are the top five gripes of young adults today:

1) having to wait in the house all day for a delivery because there isn’t a specific time-slot;

2) forgetting your log-in passwords;

3) leaving your phone at home;

4) no free Wi-Fi at a hotel;

5) the buffering sign when you are streaming something online.

Here’s what older adults said they worried about most in 1997:

1) having a happy relationship;

2) earning enough to pay rent and bills;

3) whether they can afford a vacation;

4) saving for their first home; 

5) when they got photos developed and most of them were over-exposed.

Researcher Patrick Fagan, a consumer behavioral psychologist, adds, “We are instinctively hardwired to look for problems. While we used to fret over rent and job security, our concerns have now transmuted into more fickle problems.” (Daily Mail