Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Partner

You saved my life/I couldn’t live without you

Maybe your partner did save your life. Maybe you met him just at a time when you didn’t believe in yourself, when you didn’t have much of a social life because you were new to the area, and when you didn’t have self-love. But never tell your partner you can’t live without him because that’s a lot of pressure to put on somebody.

 Your problem is not a big deal

Sometimes people complain about things that are not a big deal. And you want to tell them they’re being big babies. But just because someone’s problem isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of problems out there (world hunger, fatal illness) doesn’t mean it isn’t a negative thing happening in their life that warrants your compassion and listening ear.

 My parents/friends agree with me on your flaws

Perhaps they do! But you have to understand that your partner is very sensitive to what your circle thinks of him. Think about it: do you think his parents think that you are perfect? Probably not. But it would be very hard for you to hear exactly what they think is wrong with you.

 I had a sex dream about somebody else

We all have sex dreams about people who aren’t our partners! But that doesn’t mean anything. Often, the sexual act represents something else. There’s no need to tell your partner this. Would you want to know if your partner had a sex dream about somebody else?