Surgeries That Can Get You Hooked on Painkillers

Prescription drugs are a HUGE problem in the U.S. Just last year, almost 3 million Americans became “persistent opioid users.” That means they took pain meds for at least three months straight.

A lot of them were people who had major surgeries. In fact, almost ONE IN TEN people who had surgery last year ended up on painkillers for at least three months. And women are 40% more likely to get hooked than men.

A new study looked at a bunch of different surgeries to see how often people get hooked on painkillers afterward. Here four really common ones . . .

1. Knee replacements. 17% of people who had a total knee replacement last year ended up taking painkillers long term.

2. Surgery on your rotator cuff, 10%.

3. Hip replacements, 10%.

4. Gastric sleeve surgery, 9%. It’s a weight-loss thing that’s kind of like gastric bypass surgery. (