Getting Your Flu Shot When You’re in a Good Mood Makes It More Effective

This sucks for people who hate needles. If you get stressed out just thinking about going in for your flu shot, it might make it less effective . . . A new study came out this month that looked at a bunch of different factors to see if they change how effective a flu shot is.

For six weeks leading up to it, they monitored people’s stress levels, diet, exercise, and how healthy their immune systems were. But the only thing that had a noticeable effect was their MOOD.

People who were more upbeat during the six weeks before their flu shot had more antibodies four months later. Meaning they were better equipped to fight off the flu than people who were in a bad mood before they got vaccinated.

But even if you’ve had a rough month, just being in a good mood the DAY you get your shot might make a difference. People who were upbeat that morning ended up having 14% more antibodies in their system.

So if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you might want to wait a day or two to get your shot. Just don’t put it off indefinitely. Getting vaccinated when you’re in a bad mood is still better than not getting a flu shot at all. (