Habits of Couples in Sexually Satisfying Relationships

1. They build time for sex into their schedules. Couples who carve out designated time for sex intuitively understand the importance and value of sex. They seem to appreciate that sex has psychological and physical benefits. Somehow, they just get it.

 2. They are comfortable talking about sex. Couples in sexually satisfying relationships know how to communicate turn-ons and turn-offs, what feels good, what doesn’t, when they’re in the mood, when they’re not, and all in a way that’s constructive, positive, safe, secure and without fear of judgment.

 3. They understand the value of one-on-one time. Couples in sexually satisfying relationships understand that great sex doesn’t just happen naturally; it takes effort. You have to nurture your relationship inside and outside of the bedroom.

 4. They stay curious about their partner’s turn-ons, which may change over time. When each person in the couple is fully curious about the other’s turn-ons and wants to give them generously (within their personal boundaries, of course!), couples’ sex lives really thrive.

 5. They laugh together in and out of the bedroom. Laughing is a great aphrodisiac. If you are laughing with your partner, you are likely playful together and able to enjoy each other’s company.

 6. They keep those sexy sparks flying in everyday life. These couples keep sexual energy in the mix throughout their lives together, creating anticipation by sexting, keeping an ongoing sexual conversation and a doing a quick make-out here and there ― even when there isn’t enough time to do the deed!