Study: Why People Like Making Out In Public

Some people don’t dare hold hands in public while others have no issue full-on making out on the city bus. In a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research looked at 155 female and 194 male college students, asking them about public displays of affection. They found while most said they weren’t into making out in public, 32 percent of women and 37 percent of men admit they’ve done so before. The reasoning among the women: 55 percent wanted to be seen with men to make other people jealous; 34 percent wanted to signify a relationship, and 30 percent wanted to enhance their image. For men, the reasons were different: 59 percent made-out publicly to boost their image; 38 percent did so simply to prove they could; and 20 percent wanted to show a relationship. Another interesting find: 57 percent of men felt their reputation improved after the PDA, while 39 percent of women felt the act had a negative impact on their reputation. (Women’s Health