Silly Reasons to Be Afraid of Love

The dating process is daunting

In every area of life you’ll run into people who are mean, who disappoint you and who make you sad. Avoiding dating will not help you avoid that roller coaster. If you are right with yourself, mentally and emotionally sound, then these encounters won’t affect you much.

 They like their life, as is

Look: if it feels like the person you’re dating interrupts the flow of your life, that’s just because you’re dating the wrong person. When you’re in love, you don’t even notice the fact that you don’t get to have your life exactly the way you used to like it. You just can’t imagine life without this person.

 They don’t want to become codependent

If you’re going to become codependent in a romantic relationship it’s because you already struggle with codependency in all your relationships. You need to worry less about a romantic relationship and more about why you are already codependent. Work on that before finding a relationship.

 They don’t want their emotions tied to another’s

When you’re in love, your partner’s emotions affect yours. You feel everything your partner feels. If he has a bad day, you have a bad day. If he is disappointed, you are disappointed. The concept of having your emotions so closely tied to another person’s can be frightening.