Ways Laptops Could Be Making Men Infertile

A lot of us spend hours on our laptop every day. Especially when you work from home. And the science is still out, but it could be causing FERTILITY issues for men. Here are three things to worry about . . .

1. It heats up your junk. One study looked at “scrotal temperature” . . . yes, that’s a scientific term. And it found that having a computer on your lap for one hour can raise it by about five degrees. Which could be enough to cause problems.

The reason guys have their baby-making parts on the outside of their body is so they stay cooler by two or three degrees. And if they’re five degrees warmer than they should be, it could cause fertility issues. At least in the short term.

Also, sitting with your legs together does it too. So even if you have your laptop on a pillow or a magazine, it could still cause fertility problems.

2. The electromagnetic field from your computer might have an effect. All the science isn’t in, so don’t panic. But at least one study found it can cause the motility of a guy’s baby batter to drop. In other words, your little guys don’t swim as well. And having a cell phone in your pocket could do it too.

3. Just being sedentary can affect fertility. And that one applies for women too. Research has shown that getting more exercise can increase fertility. And sitting around all day makes it drop. (Time)