No Guarantee You And Your Spouse Will Still Be Compatible In Five Years

People grow and change over time, and now a relationship psychologist has confirmed what no married person wants to hear: there’s no guarantee you and your partner will still be compatible in five years. Psychologist Eli Finkel tells Business Insider the few years a couple spends dating before they get engaged aren’t really indicative how the rest of their lives will be, and things can change drastically once kids are thrown into the mix, for example. He adds, “The ”til death do us part’ vow is so interesting because it says, ‘You know, I’m going to change. I know I’m going to change. We’re going to take this gamble. We’re going to make this promise that says, regardless of all those sorts of changes and even when all those sorts of changes might lead us in a different direction, we are going to work super hard to try to make sure this marriage works.” (Business Insider