How People Treat You When Your Spouse Has Money

They say you wouldn’t understand money issues

When your friends start to vent to one another about money issues and you chime in, they laugh and say, “What do you know about this? Your husband is rich!”

 They assume that’s why you’re with him

Your friends sometimes joke around and say things like, “Hopefully your husband’s deal goes through or you’ll leave him!” It’s extremely offensive. They may say this in a humorous tone, but you know they partially believe it.

 They’re suspicious that he’d cheat

Your friends are all especially worried that your partner would cheat on you. Any of their partners could be unfaithful, but they seem to think that with money comes infidelity. They drop not-so-subtle hints that you should be careful because women love chasing wealthy men.

 They wonder why you still work

If you complain about the stress that comes with your job or the struggles you face in your career goals, your friends say, “Well, it’s not like you have to work. Your husband is rich.” Does it not occur to your friends that your career means more than financial stability to you? That perhaps you’re, gee, passionate about it?