Other Ted Cruz Excuses

Senator Ted Cruz “Liked” a porn clip on Twitter.  We’re talking about something that many people find disgusting and creepy-and a lot of people don’t like porn either. See what he has to say for himself.


  • Saw “Triple X” and thought it was about cattle ranching

  • Accidentally stumbled on porn while looking for white supremacist website

  • Heard that 70’s funk groove and couldn’t help myself

  • Ummm-trying to help hurricane victims??

  • Kinky sex acts and government agencies have a lot of the same acronyms

  • Distraught over father killing JFK

  • Come on, people-it’s hardly the most disgusting thing I’ve done

  • Found myself in the grip of something — and realized it was me

  • Having problems with my staff-wait, let me rephrase that!

  • Believe me, the wife prefers it this way