Actually-Fun First Date Ideas That Aren’t Just “Grabbing a Drink”

Visit a bar with arcade games. Games like pinball and skeeball are a fun throwback that naturally lend themselves to conversation. Plus a little playful competition never hurt anyone.

 Try a bookstore with a cute coffee shop. Yes, you can just sit and grab a coffee, but it’s also a perfect chance to see what kind of books you’re both into, inspiring conversation.

 Go to an art gallery or museum exhibit. Okay, this may seem a little third-datey, but a lot of galleries have a night once a week or month with complimentary wine.

 See an outdoor movie. If you live somewhere with seasons, yes this is mostly just a summer option, but still a great one! It has all the benefits of classic movie first date, with the ability to whisper during and get cozier on a picnic blanket (wine optional).

 Go to a bar with live music. It’s more low-key than seeing a concert; more interesting and potentially romantic than just going to a regular bar. Just make sure you can actually hear each other.

 Do the lamest, most tourist-y thing in your area that neither of you have done yet. Every city has somewhere you were supposed to visit on that sixth grade field trip. Find one of you have in common and go be silly tourists together while simultaneously righting a childhood wrong.

 Visit a dog park. If you don’t have chemistry staring at adorable puppies, you won’t have it ever.

 Hit up a farmer’s market. Is it too soon to visit a local market and eat some delicious cider donuts together? Literally never.