Socially Awkward Things You Need to Stop Doing on Dates

The hug/handshake hybrid

Just make a decision before you get there: you’re either decidedly going in for the hug or decidedly going in for the handshake. But, for goodness sake, stop getting so close that it seems like you’re going in for the hug, and then abruptly sticking your hand out.

 Guessing if he’s dating anyone else

“Who’s texting you? Another woman. Just kidding. Not that it couldn’t be another woman. It’s totally fine if it is. I wouldn’t presume you’re not seeing other women, all because you had one date scheduled”. Yeah-stop that.

 Apologizing for the place you picked

If you love the place then have confidence in it. If it isn’t your date’s scene, and he’s not being too subtle about that fact, then he’s the jerk. You like what you like, and you like this Tiki bar. Your date probably wouldn’t be bothered by the place, but he’ll be bothered by you apologizing for your personal taste.

 Telling the server it’s a first date

Your server didn’t ask if this was a first date. She just asked if you’d like to split a bottle of wine. Now you’re explaining to her that neither of you really know if you like each other yet, so maybe you’ll just start with a glass of wine each and if things go well, you’ll get a full bottle.