New Resumé Trends

If it’s been a while since you updated your resumé, the website posted a list of three new resumé trends you might want to think about.

1. Keep it conversational. Try to cut back on all the flowery language people use on resumés all the time.

People think big words make them seem more professional. But when you have to read a hundred resumés a day, it gets annoying. So try to be concise, and write a little more like how you talk.

2. Add hyperlinks. A lot of hiring managers look at resumés on their computer now instead of printing them. So feel free to link to a few examples of your work, or link to websites for companies you’ve worked for.

3. Consider doing a video cover letter. You can either link to the video in your resumé, or just link to it in your email when you’re applying.

More people are doing it because it lets you showcase your personality before your actual interview. Just don’t make it too long. 60 seconds max. (Glassdoor)