Statistically, This Is Who He’s Probably Having an Affair With

1. Generally, most women have an idea of who their partners are cheating on them with before they find proof.Call it women’s intuition, but if you feel a sinking feeling about a person around your husband, that’s probably the most likely mistress.

 2. If you don’t have a sinking feeling about anyone in particular, you might want to look at his or her workplace.Around 60 percent of all affairs start at work.

 3. Beware the ex. Around 21 percent of men and 32 percent of women who had affairs ran into an old flame that sparked something back up.

 4. Coworkers aside, the next most likely affair partners are often total strangers. Around 18 percent of all affairs start with total strangers.

 5. Around 17 percent of all affairs happen with a brother-in-law or a sister-in-law.

 6. Only 10 percent of men have met their affair partners online. Online-only affairs are very common these days, but they often don’t turn physical like other forms of affairs do.

 7. 6 percent of married men will cheat on their spouses with a prostitute.

 8. Around 42 percent of all people caught in affairs would call the affair partner a “good friend.”

 9. Despite all this, only 25 percent of all affairs turn into marriage.