When It Comes To Looking For Jobs, Strong Connections On Social Media Are Key

Job hunting takes place in a variety of ways these days, and they’re not all created equal. Carnegie Melon University researchers surveyed 424 LinkedIn users who were all college graduates and either current or recent job seekers. They asked them about five major job search avenues: internet sites, online social networking (like LinkedIn), offline friends and family, newspapers and other print media, recruiting agencies and career centers. The data showed most job leads were generated by the Internet job boards, followed by LinkedIn. When using LinkedIn, weaker ties provided marginally more job leads than strong connections, but actual interviews and job offers resulted primarily from strong connections. Study co-author Rahul Telang explains, “One possible interpretation is that, for leads to convert into interviews, your connections will most likely be required to conduct follow up on their end, such as make phone calls or provide recommendations. If the connection is weak, these individuals may be less likely to undertake these efforts.” (EurekAlert!