Healthy Things You Could Overdose On

We’ve got a list here of six healthy things, and how much it would take to OVERDOSE on them and die. Some of them are impossible, because you just can’t eat that much. But here’s how much your body can handle . . .

1. Chocolate. More and more studies are finding health benefits. But if an average 150-pound person ate 85 chocolate bars in a day, they’d be in trouble.

2. Toothpaste. If you ate 24 tubes in 24 hours, you could die of a fluoride overdose.

3. Pepper. It’s a lot healthier than salt, but 129 teaspoons of it could kill you.

4. Coffee. A study just found people who drink 4 cups a day live longer. But if you had 70 cups in one day, you’d probably die.

5. Water. If you chugged a gallon and a half all at once, you might die. It can make your brain cells swell up, and cause seizures or even death.

6. Music. It helps us relax. But in theory, music that’s LOUD enough could kill you. At around 185 decibels, it would burst your lungs or cause an embolism.

Don’t worry though. If you’re near the speakers at a really loud concert, that’s about 120 decibels. And anything above 150 would rupture your eardrums. So you’d probably know something was up at that point. (BroBible)