Work-Life Balance Gets Trickier After 35

The older we get, the more of us there are who don’t like our jobs-at least according to a recent survey of more than 2,000 employees. Age 35 seems to be a tipping point: The number of those who are unhappy at work more than doubles from before age 35 to after, hitting one in six after age 35. Things get worse for respondents over age 55, with a third saying they feel unappreciated at work and a sixth saying they don’t have friends at work.


“There comes a time when either you haven’t achieved success, work has burned you out, or lived experience tells you family is more important,” one workplace researcher says. “You ask yourself: ‘What am I doing this for?'” For those unhappy on the job, one expert recommends making an effort to befriend coworkers and refocus on a work project that can become a passion.