The Top Potential Mexico Tourism Slogans

The U.S. State Department is warning Americans about traveling to popular tourist destinations in Mexico because of an increase in violence. But Mexico’s tourism officials still want you to come. In fact, they’re looking at this list of The Top Potential Mexico Tourism Slogans.

  • Mexico is For Lovers . . . of Diarrhea.
  • Come for the Fun. Stay Because You’re Caught in the Crossfire.
  • Don’t Worry: We Sent All Our Murderers and Rapists to America.
  • A Kidnapper’s Just a Friend You Haven’t Met!
  • Don’t Listen to Trump . . . We’re GOOD Hombres!
  • There’s No Better Way to Lose Weight than Dysentery.
  • Mexico . . . Because You Won’t Find a Donkey Show in Cleveland.
  • Mexico: America’s Taint.
  • Forget the Kardashians, We Only Keep Up with Jose Cuervo.
  • More Jesus Candles than You Can Shake a Stick at!
  • Come See Where Your Nikes Are Made!
  • Mexico: Only Six Hours Away from Hawaii.