Ways to Show Your Significant Other You’re Sorry

Treat Them to Dinner

Carving out some quality time to enjoy great food and drink could be just what the doctor ordered to make amends. Everything is better with a great meal in front of you, and either springing for a nice evening out or slaving away in the kitchen won’t go unnoticed by a frustrated partner. This small gesture may not completely solve your squabble, but it’s surely a great start.

 Write Them a Heartfelt Note

For those who really thrive better in having the opportunity to collect their thoughts and plan their response, a letter might be the way to go. Aside from admitting where you may have gone wrong, the note approach also allows you to devote some time to reflecting on the importance of your relationship and laying your feelings out there.

 Buy a Meaningful Present

OK, so let’s preface this with the caveat that this is not our favorite suggestion. Trying to buy back someone’s affections through shelling out some dough just seems like a cop out. But if there is an emotional motivation behind the gift, it will feel much more like a genuine apology, rather than an empty gesture.

Make-Up Sex

Yeah, buddy. Our favorite tactic on the list, literally kissing and making up can certainly bring two people closer together in the aftermath of a spat. So turn on that sexy time music and let the apologizing begin.