Things Overheard At The “2017 MTV Video Music Awards”

The “2017 MTV Video Music Awards” went down last night from the Forum in Inglewood, California. Find out what it was like with The Top Things Overheard at the “2017 MTV Video Music Awards”.

  • Forget the government, why can’t Trump shut this thing down?
  • Medics! Lorde just had a stroke! Oh, wait, never mind . . . she’s just rehearsing.
  • What’s worse: Taylor Swift ripping off Beyonc√©’s video? Or Katy Perry ripping off Justin Bieber’s hair?
  • Gosh, Miley, I didn’t even recognize you with clothes on!
  • Uh-oh. Warren Beatty is announcing Video of the Year.
  • Katy Perry has five more minutes to shoot either sparks or a desert topping from her boobs or we’re out of here!
  • And now a moment of silence for flood victims in Texas. Okay, that’s enough. Now, time for simulated sex and obscenity!!
  • I apologize, Miley. I saw a giant inflatable penis covered in glitter and just automatically assumed it was yours.
  • There’s an award for “Best Fight Against the System,” yet they still don’t know why anyone takes this show seriously?
  • Oh no, there’s an old lady wandering around aimlessly backstage! Oh wait, never mind. It’s just Rod Stewart.