Millennials Feel No Shame In Googling Themselves All The Time

Millennials aren’t helping their reputation with this one, but data released late last week found nine percent of millennials, and 11 percent of Gen Z say they Google themselves every single day, compared to just six percent of the general population. Additionally, millennials (57 percent) are the top generation that say they Google themselves “frequently.” Psychologist Christina Barber-Addis says, “Googling yourself has become a new form of narcissism in our society.” But it might be an entirely terrible habit, Barber-Addis adds that eight in 10 employers Google potential employees before they hire them, so knowing what’s out there about you could be important in that sense. Still, experts say you should limit yourself in how often you look yourself up to no more than every few months or so, unless you have a good reason, as it could have harmful psychological consequences. (Money-ish