Women Want More Sex Than Their Partner

It’s an outdated stereotype that men are more into sex than women, and a new, albeit small, study confirms what women have known for eons: they love getting it on.

 In fact, according to research conducted by Voucher Codes Pro, almost 60 per cent of women want more sex than their partner does. The research was part of an ongoing study into Britons’ relationships, after it was found that there was a rise in online searches for lingerie and adult toy discounts, reports Metro.

 The survey questioned 2,383 Britons aged 18 and over (yes, the age group is large and we don’t know how many middle-aged and seniors were involved) who said they were in long-term committed relationships. Researchers found that 59 per cent of women said they wanted more sex from their relationship, compared to 41 per cent of men.

 In addition, 21 per cent of couples reported that they argue about not having enough sex, while 34 per cent said that a “lack of adventurousness” in the bedroom was a huge problem in the relationship.

 Reasons that were given for having less sex included thinking that your partner was a lazy lover (32 per cent) and having different likes and dislikes (20 per cent).