Signs Your Spouse Might Be Having an Emotional Affair

1. There’s something off in their physical and online encounters with the other person. The clearest sign of emotional infidelity is having a sense of discomfort with a particular person in your partner’s life. Maybe you notice flirtatiousness in an email or overly familiar postings on your partner’s Facebook page.

 2. They seem physically distant from you. Your significant other is probably already emotionally withdrawn from you, but physical detachment can easily follow, too.

 3. They become obsessive with their phone. Your S.O used to leave their phone all over the house, but now, they take it everywhere with them and get antsy if you pick it up. That could potentially be cause for concern.

 4. They say they’re “just friends.” If you’re “just friends” with someone, you talk about them as “my friend Jen” or “my co-worker Steve.” The semantics of that phrase, “just friends” suggest that you’re defending something that your partner is unaware of or are uncomfortable with.

 5. They start to talk about your relationship in less certain terms. If you notice that your partner is using less permanent language when discussing your marriage ― or actively avoiding discussions about plans for the future ― it could be a sign.

 6. They don’t want to talk about the other person. It’s a big, glaring red flag if they refuse to talk about the person you’re suspicious of.

 7. You find out that they’ve told the other person a lot about your relationship.  Healthy couples have clear walls around the relationship. It’s a troubling sign when the dynamic has changed and the affair partner has a window into the relationship.