‘Stashing’ is a New Term for a Way You Can Be Treated Badly in Love

If you’ve been dating someone and everything is going great but you’ve never met any of their friends or family, they could be “stashing” you. While you’ve let your special someone fully into your life, not only have you not met anyone close to them, they also haven’t even mentioned you on social media, and when you ask them about it, they’re evasive and try to avoid answering. While people doing this isn’t new, the term “stashing” is, which is used because the person who’s been stashed is basically being kept a secret, like something stashed away in a drawer or closet. The good news is that it’s likely not because the stasher thinks the person they’re stashing is embarrassing, but the bad news is it’s probably because they’re lying about something, whether it’s already being in a relationship with someone else or having another secret they’re hiding. (Metro)