Things No Woman Wants You to Do During the Proposal

Doing it during another event

Don’t highjack your girlfriend’s parents’ anniversary party, or her office Christmas party, or any other party that was clearly designated for another celebration. Your girlfriend will just feel guilty that she stole the show.


Social media stream it

Streaming the proposal on social media cheapens it. Broadcasting any intimate, monumental moment on social media cheapens it. And your girlfriend probably doesn’t want all of her Facebook friends to see this. Don’t forget, she has some frenemies and exes on there.


Do it too soon after her friend’s engagement

You have to be very careful about when you propose. Has your girlfriend’s friend recently gotten engaged? Or one of her siblings? There is an unspoken rule that you should wait a respectable amount of time after someone you’re close to has gotten engaged, to get engaged yourself.


Do it when she’s wearing a face mask

Every woman wants to look good when she gets engaged. So for goodness sake, if you have a whole, cute plan mapped out, just postpone it if you see your boo is still wearing her face mask, zit cream, and pajamas. That is not how she hopes to remember this moment.


On the Jumbotron

Unless your girlfriend has a very unique name that no one else in the world could possibly have, don’t propose on the Jumbotron. It can create a lot of confusion. Is she the Lauren being proposed to? Or is it one of the other 300 Lauren’s at this event?