Ways to Easily Transition from Work to Date Night

Wash Away Tension

Avoid heading straight from your desk to the bar. If you can, make a stop at home first so you can take a quick shower. It will allow you a moment of self-care, which can help you relax and ease into a very different mentality. You’re literally washing away the stress of the past several hours so you can emerge feeling happier, refreshed, and more open to having a good time.


Luxuriate the Prep

You may not realize it, but the rituals of getting dressed up or putting on makeup for your night ahead are crucial to bridging the stress-to-fun transition. Getting date-ready is a nurturing process for you, and the mere act of putting on heels or changing your hairstyle puts you in a mood to seduce and attract.


Bury the Drama

Tech tension is real. When your phone is out and visible you’re liable to be distracted. Instead, completely hide your cell in your bag, where it’s truly out of sight and out of mind. You’ll be much more present and attentive to the person you’re with.


Avoid Shop Talk

Even if a date is going well, it can be natural for your thoughts to drift back to that bothersome comment your boss made to you just as you were heading out the door … and make you want to talk about it. Rather than fill the flirty air with a dull discussion of the reports you’re responsible for or the cranky customers you wait on every day, make a point of shifting the focus onto your suitor instead. http://bit.ly/2vq5XgP