Things to Consider Before Marrying a Much Older Man

 You may need to nurse him one day

You will go from being his romantic partner to his nurse one day. When your partner is 20-some years older than you, it can happen so quickly that you almost feel cheated. You may, in fact, spend a quarter or more of the time you have with this person acting as his nurse rather than his lover. That’s a lot to ask of a woman who could still be living a rather uninhibited, free life.

 He will move into a retirement home before you

If you’re only a few years apart from your partner, you’ll likely happily move into a retirement home with him when the time comes-you weren’t far behind him on that anyways. But if your partner is in his eighties when you’re just in your sixties, he could very much need to be in a retirement home while the thought of moving into one yourself feels tremendously premature to you.

 He’ll lose his sex drive far before you

Again, if you and your partner are only a few years apart in age then you’ll lose your sex drive around the same time. But if you’re in your fifties, as a woman, you’re in your sexual prime years. Meanwhile, if your partner is in his seventies, he’ll have lost most of his drive.

 You probably cannot have children

If you’re a woman in her forties hoping to have children later in life, you can’t do that with a man in his sixties. Well, you can, but do you want your partner to be 80-years-old at his child’s high school graduation? And passed away by the time she gets married?