Five “Gross” Food Habits, and How Gross They Really Are

Someone looked at a bunch of gross food habits to find out how gross they REALLY are . . . things like double-dipping, and eating stuff that fell on the floor. Here are five of them, and what science has to say . . .

1. Double-dipping a chip. Yes, it does transfer bacteria from your mouth to the dip. And some dips are worse than others. One recent study found it transferred five times as much bacteria into salsa as it did with cheese or chocolate sauce.

2. The Five-Second Rule. That one’s KIND of true. Recent studies found the longer you leave food on the floor, the more bacteria it collects. But whether or not the food is WET is more important. If it’s dry like a cookie, it’s probably fine. But if it’s something wet throw it out.

3. When you blow out birthday candles, you’re basically spitting on the cake and giving everyone your germs. YES, that one’s true. A study came out in May that found there’s 15 times more bacteria on a cake after someone blows their candles out.

4. Playing beer pong can make you sick. YES, and not just because it involves chugging lots of beer. A recent study found the ping-pong balls end up covered in bacteria, especially if you’re playing outside. And even if you dip them in a cup of water, a lot of the bacteria DOES end up in the beer.

5. Sharing popcorn at the movies can get you sick. It’s possible in theory. But a study two years ago found it’s REALLY unlikely. So share away. (CNN)