Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, Not Material Things

You may not have a lot of money, or you may have a trust fund, but either way, we all know everyone desires the expensive accessories. Why wouldn’t we? I mean, wouldn’t buying a $2000 Gucci purse make that Instagram photo really nice? It feels good, for about three seconds then that $2000 dollar purse gets thrown in the back of your closet. So the question I want to ask is do we really need it?


If you have traveled, and I mean really traveled, you will understand what I mean when I talk about addiction. The addiction you gain from seeing the world. It is quite the curse but one that leads to so many wonderful things you will always remember. I know for me the more I travel the more I grow.


You grow to understand people, to really see the different types of people all around the world. The different kinds of people that make the world go round. You start to understand the different ways people think, all depending on their background. You come to realize not everyone is your friend and that life is a competitive world. Mostly you are able to connect with people all around the world. That is more than what a purse can offer. You can finally see your money turning into something strong, something real. Once you hit this point, that hard-earned money is turned into something more than money; it turns into an experience– that lasts forever.


Forget that $2000 purse, you don’t need it anyway. Use the money that you saved and go on a trip that you will always remember. Let’s finally say no to those name brands and start saying yes to those experiences. Cheers to Life and to making memories! Your adventure is waiting and calling your name, don’t let it down. http://bit.ly/2ulMzm2