Questions To Ask Yourself Before Pursuing A Career In Journalism

Even though journalists are under attack from President Trump and his administration, young people are still interested in journalism. But it’d be helpful if they could first check out The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing a Career in Journalism.

  • Do I want to spend four years and thousands of dollars on a degree, or just go straight to TMZ?
  • Am I doing this just so I can meet that hunky Anderson Cooper?
  • Do I want to break the next Watergate, or just find the next waterskiing squirrel?
  • If I win a Pulitzer, where in my parents’ basement will I put it on display?
  • Do I look good in a fedora with a “Press” card tucked in the brow?
  • How will I handle working in a place where freedom of the press doesn’t exist, like Russia, China, or the U.S.?
  • Am I okay with the fact that most people would rather read a BuzzFeed list about cats than an actual news article?
  • Can I get a good job as a journalist, or will the only writing the public sees from me be names on the cup of their drink at Starbucks?
  • To stand out among job candidates at Fox News, should I work hard at mastering my sexual harassment skills?
  • If you get hired to cover the X Games, do they test you to make sure you’re ON drugs?
  • If I do an investigative piece on Trump’s alleged meeting with Russian hookers in his hotel room in Moscow, will I be accused of “yellow journalism?”
  • Will I be able to gather all the verified facts about a story, before ignoring them completely and just presenting my own personal opinions instead?
  • If they give me the choice between Aleppo and Baltimore, which is safer?